Frederick Melendez (Stylo Live, Freddy Stylo, Freddy Stylez) the powerhouse grammy nominated multi-instrumentalist, producer, composer, engineer and DJ is the man behind some of the most cutting edge new music and artists of today. His distinctive sound and his own musical journey are  noteworthy and foresee his important presence in the industry.

Raised in San Francisco’s Dakota Street Projects by a single mother and grandmother, he lost his father at the age of three. This pivotal moment led his mother to Church, which he sites as the start of his love for music. Church was the place he gained his musical chops. By the age of 7 he was performing playing Congas, by 9 he played trumpet. When his trumpet was broken, his mother promised him his first guitar at 14. During this time his influences were everything from hymns and Christian music, Samba and Salsa to Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix, Santana, Al Di Meola, Nirvana, and Nas. 

Fast forward to the age of 18, Stylo was performing with Carlos Santana and other world renowned Latin percussionists like Jose "Chepito" Areas, Patato, and Giovani Hidalgo as a percussionist. His time in the Latin music scene was also where he began to learn vocal production. 

He took his next step towards engineering and arranging by attending Expression College for Digital Arts, where he graduated and then helped build MegaMic Studios. Stylo began producing for diverse musical artists by 2005. He was a pioneer for the sound of rising Panamanian group Los Rakas. He produced and engineered for artists like Too Short, San Quinn, Tragik, La Favi, Blacka Di Danca, Abrina, Klausura, Sensato, Osmar Escobar & Hazel Rose to name a few. He sites his enjoyment for working with different artists as “every artist brings their inspiration to the table, and inspires something new in my sound.” This diversity contributed to his constantly evolving but always recognizable sound. 

The media agrees. Since 2012 his music has been licensed to major TV, Feature Films and video games like “Sons of Anarchy” (San Quinn feat. Los Rakas, “Paid”), “Big Mansions” and “So You Think You Can Dance” (Tragik, “Crazy”) FIFA 14 (Los Rakas, “Hot”), “Graceland” (Los Rakas, “Peligrosa”) Mayan ( Los Rakas, “De Lante Alante and others.

Stylo Live has performed at the Coachella, Latin Music Festival, Oakland Music Festival, and other major Latin tours. He has toured Europe, Colombia, Panama, and Miami among other destinations. His live set includes combining DJing with live elements like the Ableton Push, percussion, and guitar. 

In 2016, Stylo Live and Los Rakas were nominated for a grammy for "Best Latin Rock, Urban, or Alternative Album"